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Kite Solution LLC - Expert Land Clearing & Brush Removal

Kite Solutions LLC - Expert Land, Firebreak & Brush Clearing Services

As a professional land management company we perform an array of services as well as professional land clearing, brush clearing, mastication and fire break construction throughout Northern California. We are experts in vegetation management, property enhancement and fire fuel safety clearing. Because we have the latest brush clearing equipment and a skilled staff we can get the job done right. If you are developing your property, looking to maintain it or needing to install a firebreak then call on us to help.

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Land Management & Vegetation Abatement Services

Brush Removal

Kite Solutions specializes in brush removal and management. We will clear your land of unwanted brush and haul it away.

Weed & Invasive Species Plant Management & Removal

In Northern California there are many species of plant that are not native to this area. We specialize in removing and controlling these invasive species.

Blackberry Removal

Blackberries, while delicious can be considered a highly invasive plant. It is important to keep this hearty thicketed shrub in check. If left unchecked it can easily take control of a large area of land. With the right experience you can curb and even eradicate it from your yard, pasture or lot but it takes vigilance and the know how. Kite Solutions can step in and handle your Blackberry shrub issues.

Defensible Space, Fire Breaks & Forest Wood Fuel Removal

Fire prevention is the key to keeping your structures and people safe. Kite solutions can remove fire fuel from your property, maximize defensible space and create fire breaks to give them a higher chance of surviving a wildfire event.


Fire & Natural Disaster Cleanup & Rebuilding

After a wildfire your property may need cleaned up and burned debris removed. We have you covered. We also have licensed contractors who work with us to rebuild damaged or destroyed structures.

Vegetation Management

Land & Forestry Clearing

Tree Removal

Orchard Removal

Do you have trees and timber that needs to be removed from your property? We are Licensed under the Forest Practice Act Law (Lic.# A011779) and are authorized to cut and remove trees according to the directives in this law.

Right of Way Clearing